Friday, August 17, 2012

she weeps over them just dead bodies i killed them i killed them all no rest now no sleep nevernevernevernever for the wicked too wicked Father help me HELP MEHELPMEsaveme but he can't no he won't because i'm too weak just too weakWEAKWEAKWEAK and He won't save me He only saves the strong i'm going to die here

i see them all ALL OF THEM dead eyes staring victims glaring spirits turning corpses burning ashes flying embers dying crows shrieking bodies reeking lions roaring fires scorching Children screaming NO MORE DREAMING

and the fires burning will be my judgment the fires are my salvation burn it all burn it all away take them out of my head the bodies Bodies red stains on my pages the book burn it burn it fast just stop it all thepainthepain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain

he's coming for me

i am just fueling the Knight's fire

i will be burned away like all my victims

no one will mourn me

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  1. Just do your goddamn job, like our boss asked you to.

    -Jack the Ripper