Sunday, August 19, 2012


I want to apologize for my previous post.  I did not feel well at all, and still do not.  As a target once said, regarding a wine-induced hangover, "If I move, bad things will happen."  So it is with me, though I am relatively certain I am not waiting outside the door, ready to make my move and eliminate my prone...self.

Regardless, my previous post was inexcusable.  Father should, by all rights, terminate me for that show of weakness.  He would not have waited this long, however.  I was always taught to live by one rule:  if He has not killed you within the first half-hour, your mistake was not grievous enough to warrant your execution.  Or He was in a good mood.

I must say goodbye for now.  This screen is giving me a headache, and I feel another wave of...whatever the hell is happening, coming on.  My laptop will be shut down to avoid another incident.

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  1. Oh come now... you were starting to seem "Human", don't turn back now.