Thursday, September 27, 2012


I apologize for the delay; I've been coordinating a relatively large-scale operation against my Target.  Not large-scale compared to others, of course, but for one of my assignments, I have an army with me.  I need no introduction, of course, but I should at least give you brief bios of the Proxies I've called in to help, as none of them have blogs of their own.

First to respond was "Chaingel," a Proxy I've known for a very long time  and someone who served as a mentor when I was just starting out as one of Father's Children.  I took much of my methods from her, though she often drags out assignments longer than I do.  Her last target she tormented for a full eleven months before she put him out of his misery.  If I trust anyone to watch my back in an operation, I trust her.

"Frasier" was the second to respond to my call for assistance, and is perhaps the oddest man I know, even for a Proxy.  I'm not entirely sure of his motives, but he should pose no threat to me.  He's unique (as far as this circle is concerned, anyways) in that he's never killed a target with his own hands; he prefers to drive them to suicide with his mind games.  I've also heard rumors that he goes to the trouble of keeping a 'normal' life as a front when not on assignment for Father.

The one I trust the least of my little 'posse' is "Remington."  His namesake is his weapon of choice in all of his assignments:  a heavily-modified Remington 870 tactical shotgun.  His barbaric approach of 'run, gun, and cause a mess,' (his words, not mine) and utter disdain of stealth are enough cause for alarm for me.  If he has his way, 37 will see us coming a long way off, and we won't even have a chance in hell of taking her down.  He does have his uses, however, and he answered third despite being the last person I called in.  He's eager, he knows what he's doing, and he's been in this little Game as long as I have, so he must be doing something right.  I'm keeping a close eye on him.

Finally, rounding out my team, I called in "Suicidelle."  As her chosen alias suggests, she has...issues.  More specifically, she and the Grim Reaper have their differences, and appear to avoid each other religiously.  To clarify:  I have seen her walk away from certainly fatal situations with her life.  Not with all her limbs, necessarily, or other organs, but still alive.  She's either incredibly lucky, or very cursed.  Being one of Father's Children, I would place money on the latter.  Regardless, this exact trait makes her a useful asset, if I can keep her from opening her jugular in the middle of the assignment.

Together, we've pieced together a plan we believe should work, as well as several contingency plans on the off-chance we're mistaken.  I've shared all of my experience with 37 with everyone in the group, so they know what they're dealing with.  Remington is quick to brag about how quickly we'll be done with this "little bitch."  I'm not so sure.  I have a feeling we'll all be taxed to finish this without losing some esteem in Father's Eyes.

If we're lucky, a little dignity is all we'll lose.


  1. Oh well. Best of luck anyways.

  2. If it's any consolation, you'll be on the top of the list for assistance whenever another operation calls for it.