Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sub-Mission Complete

Target 1 - Non-issue; parents died in car accident
Target 2 - Non-issue; family killed attempting to protect Target
Target 3 - Non-issue; family killed in housefire
Target 4 - Two parents (48 and 42) and one brother (20); eliminated
Target 5 - One parent (32); eliminated
Target 6 - Two parents (both 38) and boyfriend (16); eliminated
Target 7 - Non-issue; father killed in car accident, mother and brother dead of alcohol poisoning
Target 8 - Two parents (43 and 40) and three siblings (8, 10, and 17); eliminated
Target 9 - Non-issue; family killed attempting to protect Target
Target 10 - Non-issue; mother/brother murdered by father, father died in jail
Target 11 - One parent (40) and girlfriend (16); eliminated
Target 12 - Two parents (50 and 48), step-father (49), three siblings (16, 18, and 21), step-brother (12), and boyfriend (25); eliminated
Target 13 - Non-issue; genuinely uncaring parents
Target 14 - One parent (39); eliminated
Target 15 - Non-issue; genuinely uncaring parents
Target 16 - Two parents (both 35), two step-parents (36 and 40), one step-sister (16); eliminated
Target 17 - Two parents (47 and 38), one sibling (13); eliminated
Target 18 - One parent (42) and one sibling (15); eliminated
Target 19 - Two parents (54 and 56), two siblings (25 and 21); eliminated
Target 20 - One parent (58) and seven siblings (18, 21, 24, 28, 30, 32, and 34); eliminated
Target 21 - Non-issue; parents died in car accident, sibling taken to abusive foster home
Target 22 - Two parents (48 and 47); eliminated
Target 23 - One parent (49), one step-parent (50), one step-sibling (20); eliminated
Target 24 - Two parents (30 and 43), one sibling (5); eliminated
Target 25 - One parent (67), two siblings (25 and 26); eliminated
Target 26 - Non-issue; mother died in childbirth, father commited suicide after Target's death
Target 27 - Two parents (40 and 47); eliminated
Target 28 - Non-issue; family killed by Father (exposing incident)
Target 29 - Two parents (62 and 60), wife (25), child (2); eliminated
Target 30 - One parent (51), boyfriend (21), roommate (19); eliminated
Target 31 - Two parents (70 and 72), husband (32), two children (1 and 3); eliminated
Target 32 - Non-issue; parents died attempting to protect Target
Target 33 - One parent (34), sibling (14), boyfriend (15); eliminated
Target 34 - Two parents (46 and 49), two siblings (12 and 16); eliminated
Target 35 - One parent (53), one step-parent (50), sibling (23); eliminated
Target 36 - Two parents (57 and 51), two siblings (28 and 18), girlfriend (18); eliminated

As you can see, I've been busy.  I've been on the move since my last post, and am now posting from the home computer of Evangeline Reynolds, the last 'knight' candidate to be eliminated, and Target 36's girlfriend.  With that business out of the way, I can now focus on Target 37 more completely without worrying about some 'hero' recruited by her protector.


  1. Well, that explains where your pale, feathery ass has been for upwards of a week. I've....just gotta shake my head on this one. You think people would notice some correlation the disappearances of so many families.

    1. I've had Father running damage control. He seems pleased enough with me to do at least that much.

    2. Ah well, there you go. He's good at making incidents disappear.

      I don't know if you saw my reply to your comment on my own blog, but I have a picture that I've been meaning to show you. Do you keep an email?

    3. I do. But I'll contact you.

  2. Maybe I'm the hero! :D But no one told me that I I'm probably not :(

    1. I can assure you, you're no hero.

    2. Well in that case I can assure you that you're a bad son to 'the father' ¬_¬

    3. Were that true, I would not be alive at the moment.

  3. Fucking-- You really did it? You offed that many people in a week?? Sick, sick, son of a bitch! THEY WEREN'T INVOLVED!!

    1. Eighty-five people in a week would seem to be my personal best.

      Sick? Perhaps. The second 'sick,' however, was undeserved. After all, I didn't torture every last one of them.

      Just Moral's associates and the associates of Target 17, for the trouble their loved ones caused me.

  4. Thirty-six lines signifying eight-five deaths. Do all your stories revolve around death, I wonder? Does nothing else interest you except making more ghosts?

    1. Actually, it would be twenty-four lines signifying eighty-five deaths.

      I am a servant of what you call the 'Geist.' Death is my only path, for it is my only destination. It is your destination, as well.

      I do not believe in ghosts.

    2. It doesn't matter of you believe in ghosts, we are haunted nonetheless. What we are haunted by is the only variance.

    3. Well, even 'of' I believed in ghosts, there would be none who could touch me while Father, your Geist, guides and guards me.

  5. now Shes angry. and sad. so many people. to many people.

    youre just fueling Her Knights fire. youll be burned away like your victims.

    1. Not brave enough to post other than as an anon? Perhaps I overestimated you after all.

  6. What would happen if one of the people associated with those people decided to get revenge and become the Knight? I mean, you killed your target's parents...but what about everyone who knew the parents? What about friends? Acquaintances? Workplace buddies?

    You can't kill everyone associated with a target. It's not possible. And even just killing immediate family and friends leaves a larger hole, because now someone close to them might come after you.

    And how many people do you have to piss off because "Father" rescinds his protection? Before you're left all alone? Because that day? That's going to a good day.

    1. Do not think I haven't accounted for that possibility. I have contingency plans in place.

      And I believe you left out a 'be' in your last sentence. Perhaps more care in your typing is in order, no?

  7. How unnecessary. Just shoot the kid, then you'd not have to deal with her emotional force field. And if you have something against guns because you're a romantic fool, there are a myriad other projectile weapons at your disposal.

    1. My qualm with guns is the noise. Yes, the noise can be suppressed, but only to a certain point. And this child is young, never alone. Most worryingly, her 'emotional force field' seems to be...growing.