Wednesday, June 6, 2012

7 Days

No post yesterday, and I apologize.  I was otherwise occupied.  Even now, so close to the end, there are still preparations to make.  I'm cutting it a little close this time.

7 days remain.


  1. He can't see your blog, can he? that's why he's still in the dark.

    You're doing a damn good job playing the part of the dumb half-hollow. on the other hand....he's so blind.

    1. It's because he fancies himself a White Knight. He can't pass up the opportunity to help someone in trouble, especially after what happened in Pittsburgh. He couldn't help you there, so now that someone in need has surfaced relatively close to him, he's bound and determined to help in any way he can.

      So I have you to thank for this capture.

    2. Me to thank, you say? you're treading a mighty fucking fine line there, Whitecrow. I do recommend you stop where you are.

      let it be left at his morals being his downfall.

    3. Touch a nerve, did I? My sincerest apologies. I wouldn't want to offend you and slaugher your 'lifesaver' of a friend in the span of six days.

      That would be simply inhumane.

    4. You don't want to cross me. Just tossing it out there. I'm doing you a favor, staying neutral instead of, say, doing what I do best and unobtrusively fucking over your entire life. Now go back to your little nest and shit on someone's head like a good mutant bird. Let's drop this and say we're square.