Wednesday, May 30, 2012

14 Days

My Target seems to be smarter than he let on.  Today he was able to notice me before I had him Stopped, before I could get any closer than three yards from him.  There was an obvious metal clip on the side of his jean pocket as well, rather carelessly informing me and anyone else who was looking that he was armed.  Not that his little toothpick will do him much good, of course.

14 days remaining.


  1. two weeks, then. why a wednesday?

    1. No real reason. I simply decided to complete the assignment in 30 days. Termination Day holds no real significance for me, other than the end of my Target's life.

    2. wednesday's a shitty day to die. Worst day of the week.

    3. A day is a day. 24 hours are 24 hours. Each is as insignificant to Father as the next. Wednesday is as good a day as any to die.